Why MOSES Action? 

MOSES Action’s mission is to promote social welfare by developing and advocating for legislation, regulations, and government programs that improve the quality of life for Michigan residents. We also conduct research about and publicize the positions of elected officials concerning social, economic, and racial justice issues.  

Campaign Work

MOSES Action runs far-reaching, inclusive voter engagement programs prior to municipal, state, and federal elections. Our goal in this work is to promote increased voter participation among people of color, low-income individuals, and other historically marginalized groups. We activate hundreds of volunteers across the state through a network of member congregations. These volunteers conduct outreach to thousands of Michigan residents, empowering them to connect the act of voting to their personal values and priorities.

Between elections, MOSES Action runs issue advocacy campaigns to advance policies that improve the economic security, public health, and overall quality of life for a majority of Michigan’s diverse residents. Current campaigns are focused on ensuring equitable access to clean water; promoting restorative justice programs that divert youth from the criminal justice system; ensuring prosecutorial accountability and transparency; and protecting and expanding the social safety net.

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Important information for voters:

For information on how and where to vote this year, as well as details about your rights as a voter, MOSES Action recommends the following resources:  

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About us

MOSES Action is a 501c4 social welfare organization registered in the State of Michigan. Through a network of diverse congregations serving communities of color, we advocate for policies that will improve quality of life for underserved Michigan residents. A Black-led organization, MOSES Action develops grassroots leaders of color, promotes widespread civic participation, and empowers community members to act as powerful advocates for themselves and their communities in the public arena.

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